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My Pledge to You

If you choose to take a yoga class with me, I pledge the following:

My pledge to you, my students

I will aim to create an environment for learning, where you’ll get to know your best teacher: you.


I will continually strive to be the most skilled teacher I can be, through my own regular spiritual practice, and continuing education.


I will be prepared.


I will arrive on time.


I will start on time.


I will end on time.


I will always respect the natural and necessary boundary between teacher and student.


I will share yoga philosophy and traditions in my classes, since yoga is so much more than physical poses alone.

I will offer detailed verbal cues since I believe mindful movement is a doorway to a quiet mind.


I will offer food for thought and elicit self-reflection which may not always be comfortable. Growth doesn’t invariably feel good but it leads to personal and collective evolution.


I will aim to promote the highest good of all.

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